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Venice Carnival Hotel Ticket Packages

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Experience Venice Carnival 2019 with our exclusive ticket packages providing a selection of hotels, parties and your historical costume. Start with Essence of Carnival for a special afternoon on February 9th providing a Cocktail and Buffet Lunch reception in a private palazzo on Grand Canal, which is followed by a Gondola tour to Piazza San Marco for a chance to create some excitement with our own Parade of Costumes. Several packages and additional parties are available, including our own Hearts & Dreams Ball dinner/dance on the evening of Saturday, February 10th and the Mascheranda Grand Ball on Sunday evening February 11th, offering a Gala costume dinner party complete with entertainment, contests and dancing.

Prices are based on the combination of selected package (options below) and your desired hotel.

Hotels can be selected on the respective reservation page for each package. Hotel descriptions are also provided in the tab below.

venice carnival

Essence Package

4 days / 3 nights from Euro 1.385,00 per person

More Details

  •    4 days / 3 nights w/ choice of hotel; daily breakfast and VAT
  •    Costume Rental One Day – w/ Private Fitting in Venice
  •    Essence Lunch Reception: Feb 9th Palazzo Corte Tiepolo
  •        Musical Entertainment during the lunch reception
  •        Gondola Tour/Parade in Costume to Piazza San Marco
  •        San Marco Costume Parade
  •    Transfers to/from the party as needed
  •    On-site Support

Priced from Euro 1.385,00 per person, double occupancy

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Mascheranda Package

5 days / 4 nights from Euro 2.680,00 per person

More Details

  •    5 days / 4 nights w/ choice of hotel; daily breakfast and VAT
  •    Costume Rental 3 Days – w/ Private Fitting in Venice
  •    Essence Lunch Reception: Feb 9th Palazzo Corte Tiepolo
  •        Musical Entertainment during the lunch reception
  •        Gondola Tour/Parade in Costume to Piazza San Marco
  •        San Marco Costume Parade
  •    Mascheranda Gala Ball: Feb 11th Palazzo Pisani Moretta
  •        VIP Table w/ Dinner + Entertainment + Dancing
  •    Transfers to/from the respective parties as needed
  •    On-site Support

Priced from Euro 2.680,00 per person, double occupancy

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venice carnival

Hearts & Dreams Package

4 days / 3 nights from Euro 1.960,00 per person

More Details

  •    4 days / 3 nights w/ choice of hotel; daily breakfast and VAT
  •    Costume Rental 2 Days – w/ Private Fitting in Venice
  •    Essence Lunch Reception: Feb 9th Palazzo Corte Tiepolo
  •        Musical Entertainment during the lunch reception
  •        Gondola Tour/Parade in Costume to Piazza San Marco
  •        San Marco Costume Parade
  •    Hearts & Dreams Ball: Feb 10th Palazzo Nani Bernardo
  •        Full Dinner + Entertainment + Historical Dancing
  •    Transfers to/from the respective parties as needed
  •    On-site Support

Priced from Euro 1.960,00 per person, double occupancy

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venice carnival

Mascheranda Plus Package

5 days / 4 nights from Euro 3.110,00 per person

More Details

  •    5 days / 4 nights w/ choice of hotel; daily breakfast and VAT
  •    Costume Rental 3 Days – w/ Private Fitting in Venice
  •    Essence Lunch Reception: Feb 9th Palazzo Corte Tiepolo
  •        Musical Entertainment during the lunch reception
  •        Gondola Tour/Parade in Costume to Piazza San Marco
  •        San Marco Costume Parade
  •    Hearts & Dreams Ball: Feb 10th Palazzo Nani Bernardo
  •        Full Dinner + Entertainment + Historical Dancing
  •    Mascheranda Gala Ball: Feb 11th Palazzo Pisani Moretta
  •        VIP Table w/ Dinner + Entertainment + Dancing
  •    Transfers to/from the respective parties as needed
  •    On-site Support

Priced from Euro 3.110,00 per person, double occupancy

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Package Price Comparison Matrix

Hotel / Package




Mascheranda Plus

Locanda Orseolo *** € 1,385 € 1,960 € 2,680 € 3,110
Ca’ Pisani **** € 1,570 € 2,145 € 2,885 € 3,320
Palazzo Giovanelli **** € 1,580 € 2,155 € 2,895 € 3,330
Ponte Antico **** € 1,590 € 2,165 € 2,905 € 3,340
Hotel Bauer ***** € 1,735 € 2,310 € 3,130 € 3,565

Customer Comments

… I would like to thank you for arranging our participation in the Hearts & Dreams Ball in Venice. We both had a wonderful time during the evening, with the highlight for both us being the dancing and performance art. The evening was great with everyone dressed in costume, you could almost imagine what these events were like centuries past. The costume hire was also excellent with the Atelier. They were all extremely helpful and offered great ideas of how best to dress for the evening…

Andrew G. (AU) – Venice Carnival 2017

More Comments

… just wanted to thank you for being a truly great and understanding host. We had a truly magical experience. The costumes were fantastic… we were transformed to different persons and we certainly enjoyed all the attention that we got while parading through the streets of Venice. The lunch in palazzo, gondola ride, Mascheranda Ball – they were all memorable and unforgettable experiences and so well organized.

Maciej C. (AU) – Venice Carnival 2016


… we have come back to Japan safely. We enjoyed the tour very much. The hotel (Locanda Orseolo) and people there were also really nice and friendly!

Makiki O. (JAP) – Venice Carnival 2015


…. Thanks for making everything so easy!! You guys were definitely the right choice!!

Angela M. (USA) – Venice Carnival 2014


…. A special thanks for making Carnival in Venice memorable. The gala costume party at the Palazzo Nano Bernardo definitely the highlight!

Patrizia P. (CA) – Venice Carnival 2013


……one of the best moments of my life… trying to walk to Piazza San Marco to Ca’ Pisani… took us over an hour…… crowds of ten people deep were stopping to take our picture and pose with us…. I felt like it was our movie premiere with all the paparazzi!!

L. Zampini (IT) – Venice Carnival 2012

Venice Carnival – Program Details

Below we have outlined the activities relating to the event over key dates for the Venice Carnival. Your itinerary can vary according the number of days you choose to spend in Venice during Carnival.

Day 1 – February 8: Arrival

Arrive and check in to your Venice hotel. Take an optional guided walking tour or spend time on your own to explore the city, full of artistic heritage, architecture and Carnival mystery. A special appointment time will be given for your personal costume fitting. During this initial Carnival activity you can find your own character transformed as you move into the Carnival experience! After your fitting appointment, we extend an invitation to join us at one of the city’s special cafes (Cicchetti bars) for a late afternoon/early evening welcome aperitif.

Day 2 – February 9: Essence of Carnival Costume Party

A full day to experience the Essence of Carnival – Your day begins with an early afternoon cocktail and buffet lunch reception in a private palazzo, which overlooks the Grand Canal. The buffet will feature a special Venetian lunch menu, accompanied by musical entertainment. Afterwards, you will depart by Gondola, taking you in style to the center of Carnival – Piazza San Marco. Upon arrival to the famed piazza you will join in the excitement for our own Parade of Costumes. Once there you may find your costume provides an instant celebrity status – as the visiting tourist ‘paparazzi’ and professional photographers will be eager to take pictures of you – Be ready to provide them your best profile! Later in the evening if you are up to the task, easily you can join one of the city’s planned activities in San Marco, or as well attend an evening Costume/Dinner Dance party at Hotel Danieli (optional party; can be added to your package). Please ask us for more details and how to book.

Day 3 – February 10: Hearts & Dreams Dinner/Dance Ball

A morning to relax after the full day before. However, as the day progresses you may feel the need to stay in the Carnival mood. Certainly you will find other protagonists also participating in the magic of Carnival. Easily you can join them at one of the planned city’s planned activities activities in San Marco, and then plan to attend our costume dinner/dance ball, Hearts & Dreams at Palazzo Nani Bernardo. It provides the experience of a special evening on the Grand Canal with elegant dining, dancing and entertainment (included in the Dreams Package; or an optional party to be added).

Day 4 – February 11: Mascheranda Gala Ball

After morning breakfast, for some it will be time to check out and continue with your travels. For those continuing their stay in Venice, we suggest the gala costume ball – Mascheranda – to be held in the evening at the Grand Canal palazzo, Pisani Moretta (included in the Mascheranda Package or an optional party to be added). Please ask us for more details and how to book.

Day 5 – February 12: Departure

After morning breakfast, likely is finally the time for check out and to continue with your travels. If you looking for other experiences in Italy, please let us suggest options we offer in nearby Verona; or if you need personal transfers to say Florence or Rome, we would be glad to provided such services.

Venice Hotel Options

Our hotels are considered the best in Venice for their accommodations and high level of personal services. You will enjoy a buffet breakfast and the convenience of their respective locations. Each is within walking distance to the heart of the city, Piazza San Marco and Rialto. All provide free Wi-Fi internet services.

Locanda Orseolo *** Close to all the action in San Marco, but hidden away in its own private piazza – all rooms have been styled in Venetian themes. Has canal entrance for arrival/departure. We have selected the quiet Superior interior courtyard view rooms for our package; Superior Canal View rooms on request.

Ca Pisani **** Exceptional hotel with double rooms and suites available with a clean and artistic styling – near Accademia Bridge with easy access to the Grand Canal for arrivals. Classic Deco rooms are provided in our package; Deco Deluxe rooms and Suites on request.

Palazzo Giovanelli **** For a true feeling of a Venetian Palazzo. Overlooking the Grand Canal, next to the Church of San Stae, Hotel Palazzo Giovanelli has a quiet and relaxing atmosphere; hidden from the bustle of tourists, while still convenient for getting to the Rialto district and St. Mark’s Square. Deluxe rooms are provided in our package; side canal and Grand Canal rooms on request.

Ponte Antico **** The hotel provides an elegant feel with the authentic interior Venetian designed rooms. In the shadow of the famed Rialto Bridge, the hotel features a Grand Canal  terrace with direct view of the Rialto Bridge. Classic rooms are provided in our package; Deluxe rooms and Suites on request.

Hotel Bauer ***** The hotel is located in the heart of Venice, two minutes walking distance from St. Mark’s Square and shopping and cultural area. We have selected the interior view Deluxe rooms for our package; Suites and Canal view rooms on request

Optional Parties

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dates for Venice Carnival in 2018?

2018: For our program and the key final weekend, the dates are – February 8, 9, 10, 11.

Is there a base package available?

Yes, our Venice Carnival base ticket package includes – choice of hotels, 3 or 4 nights, daily breakfast and historical costume + tickets to a our opening party Essence of Carnival, which includes Costume Cocktail Reception/Buffet Lunch + Gondola Tour + Costume Walk in Piazza San Marco.

What hotels are included in the package?

A group of hotels (3, 4 and 5 star) have been reserved in order to be included in the package to meet the various customer requests. These options are indicated for the package you select.

How do I select my costume?

Once you have confirmed the reservation with your deposit or payment, we will provide a Costume Measurement Form to be completed with your personal measurements and costume color preferences. This form will be forwarded to our Atelier in Venice. Based on the form’s information and importantly what costumes are available, the Atelier will return with their recommendation for your costume, which we then forward to you (with photo) for your approval. The cost of the costume is included in each hotel package price.

How will I receive my costume and how long do I keep it?

As part of your package, you will be given an appointment time at the designated costume shop (in Venice) for an actual fitting of your selected costume. In most cases this appointment is on the day of your arrival, typically the afternoon/early evening of Thursday (the first day of our program). After the fitting, you can take the costume with you.  The Essence Package is a one day rental; the Dreams Package a 2-day rental; the Mascheranda Package (and Mascheranda Plus) a 3-day rental. The cost of the costume rental is included in your respective package. Also as part of your package, we will retrieve the costume from your hotel (the morning after the rental period) and return it to the costume shop before 11:00am. If you need the costume beyond this time or for any additional days beyond what is included with your package, the additional cost is Euro 150 per costume, per day.

Does the costume include under garments, wigs, masks and other accessories?

The ladies costume includes a hoop/crinoline undergarment (according to the design); also included are hats, gloves and matching purses. Men’s costumes include stockings, gloves and decorative buckles for shoes. Wigs can be rented (Euro 85 per day). Men’s shoes can be rented (Euro 60 per day). Masks, due to health restrictions, are not rented, but can be purchased at the costume shop (or many other locations in Venice).

Can I make changes to my costume once in Venice?

Yes. With your reservation, you will receive and complete a form with your personal measurements and color preferences and based on this information and availability, a specific costume will be offered for your approval and with such approval, reserved for you. However, once in Venice and during your fitting if your costume does not fit properly (for some reason), the costume shop is prepared to make adjustments, but otherwise you may also select from other similar costumes available in the shop.

What are the menus for the parties?

Naturally each party has its own menu, 3 or maybe 4 courses with wine. Menu items are selected and decided on a few months prior. Generally they are set menus; thus if you have any allergies or diet restrictions, please let us know them in advance. For our 2 parties (Essence and Hearts/Dreams) we can provide an alternative main entree. For the Mascheranda you will be offered menu choices once you arrive to your table.

Can you tell us more about the optional parties?

Carnival Cruise: A Dinner Cruise on the Venetian Galleon. After an welcome apertif and toast to the crew, the Galleon will sail the lagoon passing the islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello offering their panoramic views, while on board you will taste a chef prepared Carnival Buffet. The evening cruise concludes with another toast in front of St. Mark’s Square. Cost Euro 100,00 per person.

Hearts & Dreams Dinner/Dance: Located in the venetian palazzo on the Grand Canal, the evening provides a cocktail reception followed by full course dinner and entertainment composed of musicians, singers and theater, plus historical dancing. Cost Euro 400,00 per person.

Dancing Chocolate: Held in the campiello (small square) of Hotel Splendid. Guests will enjoy cocktails and finger food while the Dance Master shows the basic steps of the historical dances. Live music from a trio ensemble will be played. Cost Euro 100,00 per person.

Cotillon – Sweet Dance Lessons: An afternoon for fun and learning the historic dance steps of the 18th century. Hot chocolate and sweet pastries are served in the elegant and historic Hotel Danieli. Dance Masters lead the way and opera singer will delight guests for additional entertainment. Cost Euro 120,00 per person.

Mascheranda: A grand costume ball held in the stunning Palazzo Pinsani Moretta overlooking the Grand Canal. The party offers an atmosphere of 17th century Venice, a full course dinner, open bar for the evening and is complete with a quartet of live musicians, dancers, actors and other entertainment. Cost: Euro 880,00 per person.

What happens if the dinner/party is cancelled or changes the date or time?

If the party or dinner you have selected is for some reason cancelled, your refund will be equal to amount of the ticket. If the party is postponed and you are not able to or do not choose to attend given the new date, you will be given the opportunity for a refund, net of HANDLING CHARGES.

Is transportation provided from/to the Venice airport and our hotel?

The cost of airport transfers is not in the package, but can be included at additional cost. The cost for a private water taxi (from the Venice Airport) for up to 4 persons with luggage is 130 euro (each way); 5 to 8 persons is 140 euro (each way). Simply indicate you wish this service to be added when making your reservation. Once determined, we will also need your flight arrival and departure information in order to make the pick-up and departure appointment times.

Can we arrange a water taxi transfer to the different parties?

Transfers to/from the 3 primary parties (Essence, Hearts-Dreams and Mascheranda) are included. Transfers for other parties can be arranged at additional cost of Euro 70 each way.

What else can you recommend for our visit to Venice for Carnival?

We suggest to review: Venice Carnival Inside Advice

Transfers & Transportation

The following transportation services are offered to assist your arrival to Venice. Prices are one-way and include private motor vehicle or water taxi, tolls and taxes. For any transfer, extra wait time is calculated at 60 euro per hour, either during the transfer service or while awaiting delayed flight arrivals.

Transfers for Venice
1 – 4 Persons
5 – 8 persons
Piazzale Roma or Train Station – Water Taxi to/from Hotel
€ 80
€ 100
Venice Seaport – Water Taxi to/from Hotel
€ 100
€ 110
Venice Airport (VCE) – Water Taxi to/from Hotel
€ 130
€ 140
Milan Center or Airport (MXP) – Private Vehicle to Pzl Roma
€ 390
€ 450
Milan w/ stops (up to 1.5 hours) – Private Vehicle to Pzl Roma
€ 420
€ 480

Travel Insurance Options

We advise customers to consider insurance needs in relation to travel, accident, medical and personal coverage. You may wish to consider travel insurance, especially a policy with CANCELLATION PROTECTION.

Travel Insurance Review, a new website can help travelers understand the types of travel insurance and find the best policy for their travel needs. The site features reviews, definitions, articles, and other useful guides. Here is a link:

Most premiums cost very little, but if needed the policy can be very useful for travel to a foreign country or even before departure in case you need to cancel a trip. We do not supply insurance coverage, however, we can suggest companies for your own review.

For US residents: Here is a list of Companies Offering Insurance recommended by ASTA

Terms & Conditions

The Essence of Carnival Special Event Package (“Package”) is NOT an Escorted Group Tour. The Package is a combination of services and products designed for independent travelers that wish to enjoy the freedom of an un-escorted trip with the convenience and value of a package price. The Package does not include transportation or transfers, or any services not explicitly listed on the invoice provided to you for your reservation. If you wish to have such additional services, please let us know as they can be added to any Package and reservation requested.

Payments: Prior to September 1st, a minimum 40% deposit is required in order to confirm your reservation, balances are due October 1st. For reservations made after September 1st full payment is required. Payments can be made through the online payment service provider, PAYPAL. You do not need an account with Paypal in order to submit your credit card information. An online invoice will be emailed to you to initiate your confirmation payment (deposit, or otherwise). Payments can also be made by direct credit card (VISA, M/C, AMEX); information is taken over the phone or otherwise payments can also be completed by Euro bank transfer. With direct credit card payments, the Balance Payment will automatically be charged to the credit card provided, unless the reservation is otherwise cancelled or notice is given to use an alternate form of payment. Direct credit card payments are completed in USD currency at current exchange rate plus 4.0% (plus an additional $5.00 for AMEX). Paypal payments are primarily arranged in Euro currency. Reservations initially set up with PAYPAL will receive a new online invoice for the Balance Payment.

Credit Card payments are processed in USD currency and processed using a financial exchange rate, which is defined as current market exchange rate plus 4.0% (plus an additional $5.00 for AMEX). American Express, VISA, MasterCard and DiscoverCard are accepted for reservation payments.

PAYPAL invoices are created and are processed in EURO currency. A Paypal invoice will emailed to you for your secure online payment with your Paypal account, or if you do not have an account you can to simply enter your credit card information (no account set up required).

Customer Cancellations: Due to the nature of Special Events and the ticketing and reservation process, after October 1st, Tickets purchased for Venice Carnival cannot be refunded for any reason. Refunds for hotel accommodations or other travel options supplied for any cancelled Special Event package will be subject to the refund schedule found below. Venice Costume cancelled inside 60 days to the travel date are refunded net of 100 euro cancellation fee.

Event Cancellations: Cancellations due to weather conditions for the Essence Carnival party’s outdoor activities (Gondola tour or the San Marco costume parade) or tickets purchased for other parties with outdoor activities are not refundable. If the event (party) organizer cancels their party, then a refund, net of credit card service charges (5.0%), will be provided.

IF YOU DECIDE TO CANCEL, YOU MUST NOTIFY THE COMPANY IN WRITING OF YOUR INTENT TO CANCEL. If you cancel a reservation and the written cancellation and such cancellation date is prior to October 1st, then all amounts paid will be refunded, with exception to the provisions for Tickets and Costumes stated above and otherwise net of credit card service charges.

Deposits and payments for accommodations will follow the refund schedule below. If you cancel and someone takes your place, then administrative cancellation fees may apply, in addition to Ticket costs, which will be deducted from your deposit or payments.
Prior to 90 days before Start Date: Refund, less 25% of total cost, net of Tickets;
Prior to 60 days before Start Date: Refund, less 50% of total cost, net of Tickets;
Prior to 45 days before Start Date: Refund, less 75% of total cost, net of Tickets;
45 days or less before Start Date: No refunds.

No refunds are given for TICKETS for cancellations due to weather conditions. No refunds are made for unused portions of any reservation, including but not limited to missed meals, missed guided tours, Tickets (includes airline tickets), or non-use of hotel room or property rental.

Passports & Visas: All customers must posses a valid passport and/or any visas or special travel documents that can be used a proof of citizenship. The Company accepts no liability for clients improperly documented.

Travel Insurance Protection: To cover costs associated with your reservation, the Company encourages you to consider purchasing a travel insurance policy. The Company does not supply or support any one company in this regard but can make suggestions as to the companies that provide this service (see the tab section below).

General Conditions & Disclaimers: Confirmation and payment of any reservation constitutes acceptance of the financial agreements between the Company and the Customer and the provisions of this agreement are in effect. The Company is acting as a tour operator responsible for arranging reservations for the services as outlined in the website All suppliers providing transportation, guided tours, and lodging for the Company have no legal affiliation, nor are they employees of the Company. The Company assumes no responsibility or liability for any claims, damages, expenses or other financial loss, whether to person or property, arising from, but not limited to, injury, accident, death, delay, alteration or inconvenience, by whatever cause, including airline scheduling, default, strike, terrorism, war, hostility, civil disturbance, quarantine, or resulting directly or indirectly from any other acts of nature. Under no circumstances is the Company to be construed as a Common Carrier under contract for safe carriage of the passenger or his/her baggage and personal belongings.

Atlantic Ventures USA,Inc. is registered as a Seller of Travel in the states of Florida, Registration No. ST-33263, doing business as Palio Tours ( The Company is not liable in respect to personal injury, loss or damage of personal property or loss of life, while engaged in the tours or other services provided herein. The Company is not responsible for third party cancellations for any reason due to unforeseen circumstances (such as war or terrorism) and or other international events beyond its control. It is recommended that clients arrange travel insurances for medical, personal, property, or cancellation.